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Copyright (c) 20087- Akira Kamita
Antenna Shop 紙田彰 作品室 Akira Kamita, Work Room Super-string Series
Universe sheet (small), etc.

'08.6.30 - 7.5 11:30-19:00 (最終日は16:00まで) (The final day to 16:00)
[ 銀座・小野画廊 ] 企画 [Project of Ginza Ono gallery, Tokyo]

[展示作品] [Exhibition work]

Poetic art by KAMITA, Akira
協力: (株)クサカベ Cooperation: Ltd.Kusakabe

画像をクリックすると、作品ページが開きます。 The work page opens when the image is clicked.

■出品作品一覧 ==Exhibition work list

=> 案内カード Guide card

[展示作品] [Exhibition work] (一部参考作品)(The reference works are displayed.)

Universe sheet(small) 1, F3

Universe sheet(small) 2, F3

Universe sheet(small) 3, F3

Universe sheet(small) 4, F3

Universe sheet(small) 5, F3

広汎でかつか弱きgraviton Wide, weak graviton , F3

Ψ i, F3

Ψ ii, F3

宇宙面(小品) Universe sheet (short piece) 3, S0

水彩、ボールペン Watercolor, ballpoint

ボールペンを用いた断片 Fragment with ballpoint (11),2005.2, water ballpoint, paper,12.3 × 38.5cm


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